Testing Incentive Structures of Smart Contracts

Incentivai is a tool for testing mechanism design of smart contract economies. It is done prior to deployment onto blockchain via simulation using AI agents.

Incentivai Testing Tool

We Do It

We use a customised version of the Incentivai simulation tool to prepare a report on the incentive structure of your system.

You Do It

We give you access to a hosted, customised version of the Incentivai simulation tool. You conduct the testing yourself, with our support.

How It Works


Your smart contract ecosystem gets represented as an Incentivai testing environment.


AI agents are trained to optimise for their pre-defined objectives prior to simulating their interaction with smart contracts.

Improvement Iteration

Flaws in design are identified and fed back to provide iterative improvement.


Case Studies

Bonding curve

Asset token price reaches and oscillates around the value of 50,000 (given the bonding curve setup and assumed users’ budget). Asset token price is more volatile when its initial distribution is uneven.

Decentralised alternative to insurance

User risk aversion is found to be one of the key factors influencing participation rate. Potential bribing schemes can be made unprofitable for users by combining increased vote bond size and vote reward.

Decentralised oracle

Reluctance to participate and high prevalence of following the majority are found to be the dominant issues. Solutions such as early voting discount and different reward distribution are proposed and tested.


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Piotr Grudzień

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