Incentivai Simulation Tool

How It Works


Your product gets represented as an Incentivai simulation environment.


AI agents are trained to optimise for their pre-defined objectives prior to simulating their interaction with the world.

Improvement Iteration

Flaws in design are identified and fed back to provide iterative improvement.

Case Studies

Simulation of the Augur economy
Lower resolution fees before market closes compared to after it has closed incentivise higher trading volume. Overwhelming fork majority leads to scarcity of false outcome token, thus artificially inflated price.
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Bonding Curve
Exploring evolution and volatility of price under different initial token distributions.
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Decentralised alternative to insurance
Potential bribing schemes can be made unprofitable by combining increased vote bond size and vote reward.
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Decentralised oracle
Mechanisms such as early voting discount and different reward distribution are simulated.
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